Vegan foods are on the rise but how do you know what's the best of the best? Based on over 725,000 honest, independent reviews by vegans and non-vegans alike, we're giving awards to the best plant-based products and dishes from around the world.

Check out what our members are saying and join a community of people changing the world, one vegan dish or product at a time.

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World's 10 Best
Vegan Milks

Based on 15,000 reviews of milk products from members in 75 countries, here are 2021’s winners of the World's 10 Best Vegan Milks. While the list is dominated by global giants like Oatly, Alpro & Silk, we’re pleased to see smaller, regional brands gaining popularity. Find out if your favorite plant-based milk made it to this list.

World's 10 Best
Vegan Ice Creams

Based on 9,000 reviews of ice cream products from members in 64 countries, here are 2021’s winners of the World's 10 Best Vegan Ice Creams, as well as winners for regional awards. While the list is dominated by global giants like Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s, we’re pleased to see regional players and small producers gaining popularity as well.

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10 Best Vegan Frozen Meals

This year's 10 Best Vegan Frozen Meals was dominated by pizza, proving that it is everyone's favorite convenience food. Our 2021 list has awardees from Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and the USA.

50 Best Vegan Dishes Singapore

On 12 March 2021, we're launching our second 50 Best Vegan Dish Awards in Singapore. Whether you’re yearning for Asian flavors or have an appetite for Western fare, we'll have something for everyone! 

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20 Best Vegan Chocolates

Dark, creamy, and oozing with deliciousness, there's hardly anyone who can resist the temptation of chocolates. Presenting the finest chocolates ever created!

20 Best Vegan Yogurts

Luxuriously creamy, delicate, and so indulgent, these yogurts are so good, you'll keep craving for more! We present to you the best vegan yogurts in the world!

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20 Best Vegan Cheeses

We either love cheese, or we love cheese. Whether that's drizzled over nachos or snuggled in a warm grilled cheese. Here's a list of the top vegan cheeses that are adored by the abillion community!

20 Best Vegan Burgers

There's something so satisfying about biting into a big succulent patty, coupled with oh-so-crunchy veggies and perfectly toasted buns, that we couldn't help but bring you the most loved abillion burger products.

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