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Who doesn’t love a good burger? Vegan burgers are now widely available in restaurants and grocery aisles worldwide. That has made the competition to be the world’s best vegan burger tougher than ever. Members from 62 countries contributed 12,000 reviews of plant-based burgers to determine the World’s Best Vegan Burgers this year.
While the list is dominated by the big two—Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods—it is exciting to see other brands like Unconventional Burger, Not Co, Fry’s Family Food Co and Heura gaining popularity.
All these burger patties have one thing in common. No animals were harmed to make these tasty and healthy plant-based burger patties. So dig into the list and make your next burger vegan!
Best Burgers 2021 #1 Beyond Burger.jpeg

"I haven’t eaten meat in over 20 years but this burger tastes exactly how I remember it! I pan fried it but I bet it tastes even better on the grill. Give this to your non-vegan family members! I’m truly amazed at how far vegan food has come with taste and texture."

– @selene00

Best Burgers 2021 #3 Beyond Breakfast Sausage Classic Patties.jpeg

"These are the best breakfast sausages out there! They smell and look just like “real” sausages and the taste is fantastic! A great transition food for people- for sure!" – @bella05

Best Burgers 2021 #5 Burger Vegetali Al Pomodoro.jpeg

"Among all the vegan burgers on the market these I think are the best, super digestible and with an excellent taste. Personally I like the classic ones more and less the tomato ones" – @giuls1007

Best Burgers 2021 #7 Next Level Burger.jpeg

"For me the best burger so far, in terms of quality, price and possibility to buy it close to home! A very successful and delicious taste and texture" – @jaquelineruck

Best Burgers 2021 #9 Hamburgeuesas de Soja.jpeg

"They are worth trying. They are thick and cook quickly! They have a good flavor and as for the price they are almost half that of other burgers of similar style!" – @leivavanita

Best Burgers 2021 #2 Burger Vegetali Classici.jpeg

"Crazy! I tried other vegetable burgers but they never satisfied me these instead are delicious, it really seems to eat meat. Highly recommended" – @a2390

Best Burgers 2021 #4 Impossible Burger.jpeg

"I loooooooove this burger so much since I tried it back in 2015 or 2016. I’ve been patiently waiting this to hit the supermarket and it finally did! It really does taste like real burger. This is my first favorite of alternative burger. I would totally recommended." – @divequeen11

Best Burgers 2021 #6 NotBurger.jpeg

"They do not need an introduction. They are the best plant-based burgers I've ever had. They make a regular appearance during my weekend " – @1sol3

#8 Burgers Heura
by Heura 🇪🇸

Best Burgers 2021 #8 Burgers Heura.jpeg

"As always with Heura, all 100/100. It's that brand that all non-vegans like 😂🤭 taste identical to meat, texture too and they say they're expensive, but because of the quality of the food they don't seem like it to me. I highly recommend them for barbecues." – @marttavgn

Best Burgers 2021 #10 Chick-Style Burgers.jpeg

“I love these chicken-style burgers! 🌟🌿They’re so low maintenance to make and are VERY tasty! 🤤🙌 I think they’re a great plant based meat alternative - highly recommend!” – @meganimal


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