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When it opened in 2017, Temple of Seitan made waves for serving the UK's first vegan fried chicken. It all started when Rebecca McGuinness moved to London from Australia and she longed for the flavors and textures of fried chicken before going vegan. What followed was plenty of experimentation before settling on seitan. And thus the Temple of Seitan was born, earning the title as the first vegan fried chicken shop in the UK. While their signature is a firm favorite, their burgers and wraps are equally loved. Member @superjay says, “Really unique concept - had some of my omnivore friends a bit confused; finding it a tad difficult to admit it tasted pretty darn close to the real thing!”

Temple of Seitan 1.jpg

🌱  Very friendly  •  $$


43 Parkway

London, NW1 7PN


5 Morning Lane

London, E9 6NA


128 Acre Lane

London, SW2 5RJ

King's Cross

11 Goods Way

London, N1C 4DP

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