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There’s a lot to be said when a restaurant chain with hundreds of outlets decides to devote 50 percent of its menu to plant-based dishes. British household name Wagamama, which serves up Japanese-inspired Asian fare, has made waves for bravely making this move.

“At Wagamama we’re making choices big and small at a business level to tread more lightly on the planet,” said its CEO Thomas Heier, “Now, it’s time we use our platform to ask guests to join that journey with us.”

It’s little wonder then that abillion’s users have embraced its mission, for not only are the dishes varied, but delicious to boot. “The seitan vegatsu is amazing and so filling. A really great meat substitute for vegans that prefer mock meat over veg,” says user @rebeccaheart2000

The vegan chilli squid also has its fans. “Made with king oyster mushrooms encased in light tempura batter and served with a chilli and coriander dipping sauce, I was impressed! A little light bite to start a meal but full of flavour,” says @simplyhan.

The best part? While the restaurant was born in the UK, it now has a presence in over 20 different countries across Europe and the Middle East so more around the world can partake in its deliciousness.

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Multiple Locations

Visit Wagamama's website for a list of locations.

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