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Do you like your pie rustic with crispy golden pastry, oozing with thick gravy? Perhaps you prefer your pie cold with thick wedges of hard robust pastry? Or does your sweet tooth take over and get you reaching for pecan pie? The Young Vegans Pie shop serves up meatless and dairy-free treats and is every bit a national treasure. Take your pick from the seitan and ale pie, sweet potato pie or the very British all day breakfast pie and enjoy it with creamy mash and tender plant-based meat pieces. 

Member @Rhiannondiamxnd says, “​​This is the naughtiest pie ever but I loved it! The Mac n cheese was cooked to perfection and had a wonderful flavour that honestly couldn’t be clocked as vegan. It went surprisingly well with the pastry and it was enjoyable to have the different textures.”

Young Vegans Pie Shop 3.jpg

🌱  Very friendly  •  $$

Tottenham Court Road

23-24 Tottenham Court Road

London, W1T 1BJ

Torrington Place

22 Torrington Place

London, WC1E 7HJ

Muswell Hill

111-117 Muswell Hill Road

London, N10 3HS

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