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These days, we’re all wearing multiple hats. For us and our community here at abillion, that means living a life where kindness and compassion guide our daily decisions on top of the myriad other roles we play. Frozen vegan foods and meals then are a boon for the time-strapped. Not only are you assured that no animals are harmed, you can have a scrumptious meal within minutes. This year, we’ve noticed a greater diversity of frozen food products across the world in a sure sign that food producers are beginning to recognise that vegan dishes can and should be localised. Pizzas still reign supreme but there are empanadas, falafel and even siu mai – those little morsels of steamed dumplings loved all over Asia. The winning product? Le Patatine Originali – yes french fries. Color us surprised but it’s a sure indicator that in these Covidian times, comfort food still reigns supreme. 

Very good fries, they are also great in the oven, super crunchy – @yaseminl

#3 Pizza Margherita
by Roncadin 

Roncaidan 3.jpeg

Before baking it, I add vegetables and some olives and it's perfect! – @fede82

Amys 2.jpeg

The best vegan pizza that you can get at the store. The bottom is always nice and crispy if you bake it right on the rack and the cheese is not chemically tasting like daiya cheese. I love that it’s made with real ingredients. 10/10!


Really delicious, I really like the flavor of the filling. Attention: Only for spicy lovers.


Best soy meatballs I've ever eaten! Tasty at the right point!
– @alessandraalessandra


I highly recommend them! One of the best in every aspect!

Dr Oetker.jpeg

Rather tasty, love the addition of pesto and the different coloured tomatoes, and I’ve always enjoyed the thin, slightly crunchy bases of Ristorante pizzas. Found in Tesco at a reasonable price and it’s ready in barely any time at all.@katelouisepowell

Vemondo 2.jpeg

I love this pizza. It’s tasty, soft in the center and has crispy edges. Spectacular quality for the price. I recommend it.


I really like this pizza, although it could be better if it had cheese on it. It’s one of my favorites out of all the frozen pizza options found in supermarkets. If you put your own cheese before putting it in the oven it’s even better!

Tattooed Chef.jpeg

This was a yummy work lunch! Presentation of frozen meals is always a little eh no matter what, but the taste was good! And convenience of a vegan meal added points! – @hnmk


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