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The popularity of plant-based milks is booming all over the world. The dairy industry’s impact on the environment and the animal kingdom is well documented. Further, a study by the US National Institutes of Health finds that 65% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant. So, whether you are switching to plant-based milk for the environment or for health reasons, check out this year’s list of the World’s 10 Best Vegan Milks, based on 15,000 reviews. We’re sure you’ll find one you enjoy.
1 Alpro Soya.jpg

"By far the best soy milk going and made with sustainable rainforest friendly soy beans and plant based packaging! Perfect for coffee (doesn’t curdle easily like some others) and tastes great." – @se7enity

#3 Barista Soya Milk
by Alpro 

3 Alpro Barista Soy.jpg

"One of the best 'milks' for coffee I've tried. This barista soy milk blends and complements the coffee well. If you're a home barista then this is your friend." – @veganhaven

5 Vívet.jpg

"One of the best milks! It is delicious, it goes well for cooking pancakes, in smoothies or alone. I really recommend it." – @thalia95

8 Vrink Chocolate.jpg

"In chocolate vegetable milks the best without a doubt. Rich flavor and texture. With cereals it is good :)" – @marpoisonheart

9 Vrink Original.jpg

"Soft, flavoury, light, it has minerals, vitamins and, unlike other vegetable milks, it has no added oil." – @ncpenaloza

2 Oatly Barista.jpg

"all you need is oatly. This is the only oat milk that allows me to make decent coffee with foam at home which means a lot to me haha🌈🌈"" – @judihe

#4 Oat Drink
by OATLY 🇸🇪

4 Oatly Oat Drink.jpg

"The best oat milk! So rich and creamy it’s so good as a coffee creamer or to use as cream in things like mashed potatoes or cream sauces." – @ggsovegan

6 Silk Bebida de Almendra sabor Chocolate.jpg

"Super rich! I'm not a big fan of non-dairy milks but this one is really good! It is fortified in calcium, without preservatives and artificial colors, fortified with vitamins b12, d2 and e. Recyclable packaging. Mega I recommend! " – @danagambini

7 Alpro Bevanda al Cocco Original.jpg

"Alpro is definitely my favorite company! Among the best is coconut, it's not sweet, it really tastes like coconut. In fact, compared to all those on the market, it is the only one that has 5.3% coconut milk. In addition it is enriched with vitamin B12 & D2." – @daisymegs

#10 Almond Milk
by Alpro 🇫🇷

10 Alpro Almond.jpg

“Alpro is in a league of its own. Their soya milk is to die for and so is this almond milk which comes in a very close second. This brand definitely helped me to ditch dairy milk in my tea/hot chocolate. Love it.” - @carlicosta


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