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With over 40,000 reviews of 16,000 dishes in Singapore on abillion, this food lovers paradise is really proving to be an island for all food types including vegan dishes! This list was determined using authentic reviews by vegan and non-vegan members on abillion. It features a mix of dishes using whole foods and meat alternatives, showcasing the vast diversity of vegan food around Singapore.

"Tasted like a chicken pho as I remember it. The portion is generous but not too much. They also give a meal to someone in need for every meal you eat 💛 Very recommended!". – @mariatirador


"The mayo + chilli sauce marries together so well. The patty is flaky like a fish patty too. Omg so good😋" – @oblongboxes


"I’m in love 😍😍 this place has been consistent for years. Go-to when craving for the fishy seafood. They stated that it’s dairy-free mayo too!" – @turtleisland


"Super love all the flavours that meld together so perfectly! The sides were great and potatoes were AMAZING. Portion was big too!". – @chlobao


"I LOVED this one! The heura ‘chicken’ is crispy and the mayo tastes amazing. I chose the puff pastry base which I had never tried on a pizza but I really liked it." – @mariatirador

Anglow 1.jpg

"Best sushi rolls in the whole entire world!! Sorry for the picture - i have reviewed this dish so many times. My absolute favourite, every must try!!". – @delphinesupanya

Prive ChickenRice.jpg

"wow, never thought i could eat chicken rice again until i found this! thought it would be expensive with the mock chicken but it’s pretty reasonable for its originality and location! would come back here again when i crave chicken rice!" – @vegarolyn

Joie 2.jpg

"the most incredible vegan lasagna I’ve ever had in my life 🤩 the fact that it tasted just like normal lasagna BLEW my mind...I highly recommend!! "– @pvxo

Prive 2.jpg

"Super! Love how creative the folks at Privé are with this dish! It’s got a delicious tofu scramble and a vegan chorizo which is bomb 💣 Definitely check this out next time you’re looking for a hearty breakfast!". – @vikas


"Yum yum! The food here is awesome! I went with the large bowl which was very satisfying! I always get the spicy bulgur, fried tofu balls, beetroot hummus and tahini and mix around for the other things." – @herbimetal


" OMG!! The best vegan burger so far!!A hearty big portion burger, with crispy hashbrown and “egg”. Cute retro diner themed restaurant too🥰." @alexandramichelle


"THIS WAS AMAZING. It was the first time having vegan dimsum in 4 YEARS and it really tasted so much like how I remembered it!! So impressed! My family really love it too, including my very carnivorous grandfather." – @victorialim


"Wow! This is so amazing and filling! The cashew cheese was smooth and tangy, the carrots and squash was roasted to perfection, and the hummus was phenomenal! I will definitely order this again!" – @raffymabanag


"One of their best burgers that I’ve tried. Lots of delicious mushrooms. The truffle mayo was so fragrant, honestly the best part about the burger :)" – @meltingpotatoes


"The hummus was great, and loved that the falafels were fried to order. Everything was very fresh, and it's great that it's all vegan too. Will go back for sure." @suchabohr

Hans Gluk.jpg

" I loved the sauce in this burger it was really good! The onion that were in the burger added a great taste and texture to everything. The party itself for the most part melts in your mouth and that’s a good sign:)" – @saanyag

Boneless Kitchen 2.jpg

"Omg, I love this! This amazing spicy and sour soup came steaming with seaweed, silky tofu, enoki mushrooms, radish, and sweet potato glass noodles. Served with purple rice and a few small side dishes. Perfect on a rainy day." – @summerong


"LOVED IT! This was so good, I could've eaten the whole pie myself ( which I believe IS the Italian way 😅) The jackfruit–delicious, the sauce–punchy and the cheese just right!". – @mansiv


"Would you look at that!😍🤤 Such an amazing breakfast. I usually don’t like mixing sweet and sour, but this one definitely begs to be ordered again and again!." – @heruvimdi


"My absolute favourite from Thunder Tree 😍 I can never resist eating this when I come here because it is an immediate winner 😋💕 The use of kolo mee instead of rice in leicha is genius!" – @oblongboxes


" I absolutely love this! It has very simple flavours but it very well seasoned. It has a nice mushroom flavour that i especially love so I really enjoyed this! Would recommend this for sure!" – @likiminaj

eight treasures.jpg

"  A favorite! Love the texture of the mushroom that just soaks up the delicious black pepper sauce. One of those dishes that goes rly well with plain white rice."– @lou


"One of the most flavourful and savoury nasi lemak I have ever eaten. all the side dishes and even the nasi is well cooked!". – @ameliaaa

papis tacos.jpg

"Everything tasted so fresh and I also love the chewy yummy taco skins! Generous with guac too as you can see." – @fourdollars

veggie pot.jpg

"This should be made their signature dish! The chilli is so on point. And the seaweed gives off the raw seafood taste. Love love love." – @yiersansiwu


"Silky smooth & rich soya ice cream. It is perfectly light on the stomach yet refreshing. The cone is 100% vegan too. By far the best soft serve i’ve ever had & an absolute steal at 50 cents. Available only on weekdays." – @katherinegloria

urban bites.jpg

"An absolutely delicious dish! The portion of brinjals are extremely generous, being a brinjal based dish itself. It’s great that while this is not vegetarian restaurant, they have this dish done without meat.". – @graysue

little farms.jpg

"As usual, opt for sauce on the side to savour the taste of your preferred choice! Love the assorted vegetables option and they are fresh! Parmesan cheese on default, please opt for cheese-free prior to check-out for a vegan option :)" – @josieja


"It's like a vegan fast food version of fish burger but bette. Generous Amt of vegan Tartar given, and vegan cheese is oh so good 🧡". – @eatvegwithme

blue label.jpg

"The big story here is the cornmeal crust that makes this pizza super crumbly and crunchy. I love the shiitake mushrooms and red onions with fresh spinach. Really aren’t better pizza options in Singapore!". – @vikas

green dot.jpg

"Super impressed by the Laksa! Broth tastes the same as what you'll normally eat at hawkers except that this is vegan !" – @hongy


"Mini fried potatoes is an understatement, they should be called ‘potato balls that’ll rule the world’ ... I don’t know, these were just mind blowing, seasoned really well ". – @amindfulmiao

salad stop.jpg

"first time trying beyond meat - it’s nice and it reminds me of beef jerky☺️☺️ will definitely eat it again if i get the chance🥳". – @haylie

three buns.jpg

"One of the best impossible burgers I had so far! The patty was grilled just right to be juicy and tender. I’ll definitely come back for this.". – @kiyomi

miao yi.jpg

"This mock pig 😍 deffo a centrepiece everyone would want to dig into. The ‘meat’ was a lovely chewy texture and the outside cronchy and salty heaven. Defffooo get this when you come here!". – @elliott96

ling zhi.jpg

" Surprisingly tasted so much like chicken with its crispy ‘skin’ and tender ‘meat’. A little not spicy and not very oily. Must come back for more!" – @loveveggies

whole earth.jpg

" One of their most popular dishes and it doesn't disappoint 😍 the quality is always amazing no matter how many times I go to Whole Earth 10/10 will recommend! ". – @oblongboxes

green earth.jpg

"Something I’ll always look forward to. The spicy kick and the surprisingly addictive numbing flavours of the Mala dish always leave me wanting more! So good". – @cqveggiefinds


"I wasn’t expecting such a nice flavour. If you’re a monster like me, go for the 200gr The sauce and TVP complemented the noodles very well. Another favourite place to the list!" – @aarontorres


"Still dreaming about this #matcha gelato waffle I munched on towards the end of last year - These waffles were just amazing! 🧇🟢  Super impressed that their gelatos are #dairyfree! Hvala’s got a new fan. – @mariaubergine

d life.jpg

"A very comforting bowl of mee sua in soup. Packed with vegetables and a few pieces of tofu that make it more substantial. The ginger is sliced very thinly giving it extra warmest without being overpowering."– @sutris


"Tons of spinach in this and forms a very creamy gravy that goes perfectly with the potatoes. Tasty way to get tons of greens.". – @mikebroadhead


"Ask with no mayo to make it fully vegan! The rolls are very tasty and good sized. The tofu was super silky and went well with the sauce the seaweed. Good dish." – @heruvimdi

vicrors vegetarian.jpg


kind kones.jpg

" Absolutely loved the Blue planet flavour because I've never tasted something like this before 😍 and it felt so good to have chocolate chips that were vegan!". – @amritha99

real food.jpg

"Yummy! Skin not too thick and so succulent. Flavour just right for me". – @jlveg


"What a scrumptious sandwich! Absolutely delicious with beautiful bread, tasty quorn, creamy avocado and fresh vegetables🤤" – @kathxtan


"I couldn’t get enough of this dish. The creamy Laksa gravy was just the right amount of spicy and fragrant." – @dankhx

simple lifestyle.jpg

"Tasty, delicious and healthy! Packed with quality ingredients. Love the soup that comes with it. Absolutely value for money and I will definitely go back for more." – @livebylove


"The mezze platter was amazing. We did substitute some dips and really enjoyed this. My gripe with Kazbar is the quality of the pita and the style. We had ordered other breads also but they need to work on the breads for sure." – @pal

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