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We’re thrilled to announce abillion’s 20 Best Vegan Cheeses for 2020! We analyzed more than 350,000 independent consumer reviews posted on the abillion app to find more than 900 vegan cheese products from around the world vying for the top 20. Some of the winners include American brands like Follow Your Heart and Miyoko’s, but we’re thrilled to see products from places not traditionally associated with plant-based products like Mexico and Italy. Congratulations to the best-rated vegan cheese product in the world, #1 goes to the vegan mozzarella from Felices Las Vacas from Argentina!

sabor mozz.jpg

📸: @jessylzm

"My pizzas reached another level with this cheese..." – @sonialo

Country Availability

Argentina, Mexico, USA

Field Roast 1.jpg

📸: @saturnmilk

"Melty, cheezy perfection! 🥪I bought this based on a recommendation, and it lived up to the great reviews. This is lick-the-rubber spatula good. Totally creamy & gooey - I made the best grilled cheeze ever." – @tamiapple

Country Availability

Argentina, Canada, Spain, USA

miyoko mozz.jpg

📸: @lizmaselli

"This is God tier mozz. Don't pass this stuff up. When they say it melts phenomenally, they aren't kidding. Stuff is insanely delicious." – @joyrose

Country Availability

Canada, USA


📸: @megplant

"⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ One of the best vegan cheeses I’ve had. Healthier ingredients than most vegan cheese slices. HIGHLY RECOMMEND"  
– @tryingveganwithmario

Country Availability

Argentina, Chile, Mexico, USA

followyourheart american.jpg

📸: @hkircher

"These 1 oz servings of cheese are great for snack on the go or packed lunches. Better than the American cheese I remember as a kid!" – @ambularfortheanimals

Country Availability

Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay, USA


📸: @dianna

" After becoming a vegan I thought I would never be able to have cream cheese again. When I was introduced to Tofutti I was captivated. The product tastes good and is so much better than regular cream cheese. I LOVE this product." – @heyvegangal

Country Availability

Argentina, Chile, Mexico, USA

kate hill 1.jpg

📸: @stphsmth

"OMG this vegan cream cheese is EPIC! This is by far the best vegan cream cheese I’ve ever had on a bagel 🥯 it’s creamy, salty, slightly sour, tastes fresh and feels fluffy and savory!." – @vikas

Country Availability

Hong Kong, Singapore, USA

followyourheart gouda3.jpg

📸: @adolm

"One of the best vegan cheese I've tried, good texture, lovely flavour, reminds of a smoked Bavarian cheese." – @clarewatters

Country Availability

Canada, Chile, Mexico, UK, USA

diaya shreds1.jpg

#9 Cheddar Style Shreds by Daiya 🇨🇦

📸: @hellogret

"The texture is as good as cow cheese. The taste is better than that!" – @batmang

Country Availability

Australia, Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, USA


"It is identical to American cheese, ideal for hamburgers, or sandwiches. 100% Mexican and the price is very affordable."

– @aramara

Country Availability

Mexico, Spain

simply v.jpg

📸: @alexbryv

"I see it I want it I got it I eat it I am addicted to it." – @lelouch

Country Availability

Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Switzerland

go veggie.jpg

"Tastes just like parm, and a little goes a long way. My non-vegan parents were very surprised at how good it is too!" – @joyrose

Country Availability

Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, Peru, USA

miyoko chive 1.jpg

"It doesn't get any better, this is the best cheese! Great chive flavor" – @ambularfortheanimals

Country Availability

Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Singapore, Sint Maarten, USA

sheese 1.jpg

📸: @deniz

“I think out of all the cheese replacements this is the closest to cream cheese. It tastes very similar to Philadelphia cream cheese and it great to use as a dip or spread and has more nutrition than most vegan cheeses.” – @shanehbleh1230

Country Availability

Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Indonesia, Mexico, Singapore, Spain

bedda 2.jpg

“In my opinion this vegan feta tastes better than the dairy one! It looks the same and is a little bit milder. Tasty! Every time I ate a dairy feta I could not eat much of it. The tingling on the tongue was the problem. I could eat the Bedda feta completely..." – @lenni

Country Availability



📸: @dianna

"10/10 ! I thought I could make this myself, but mine never turns out as good as this. The jar is almost empty 24 hours later."

– @kayleegoose

Country Availability



#17 Gratti by ioVEG 🇮🇹

“This smells exactly like pecorino italian cheese but tastes like parmigiano! Perfect for pasta ;)”

– @veganlove96

Country Availability

Argentina, Italy


📸: @aimeesumo

"Love this Tesco Jalapeño and Chilli Cheddar cheese. Has a fabulous kick if you like a bit of spice." – @annakabana

Country Availability

Austria, Ireland, UK

mommus 1.jpg

"Best vegan cheese ever! Texture and taste are amazing! Love the fact that it is made from cashews instead of coconut oil (like most vegan cheeses...!)"

– @mariafortheanimals

Country Availability



#20 Vegicheez Tres Quesos by Heartbest 🇲🇽

"I love this veggicheez!  It is very tasty, melts, perfect for quesadillas and pizzas! And the flavor is delicious!"  – @rom

Country Availability


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