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We’re delighted to announce abillion’s 2020 20 Best Vegan Chocolates! From over 420,000 independent consumer reviews posted on the abillion app, we found nearly 8,300 chocolate reviews that spanned across 1,900 chocolate products to find the best of the best. So, go ahead and treat your tastebuds with these decadent chocolates!

le choc.jpg

#1 Le Choc by Felices Las Vacas 🇦🇷

"The tastiest thing in the world! A bar of the best chocolate with caramel of almonds, incredible!" – @luciabianchi

Argentina, Chile, Mexico, USA

Country Availability


"This is not a chocolate bar. This is an antidepressant. The best chocolate in town." – @francius80

Australia, Canada, EU, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, USA

Country Availability

aguila 2.jpg

"I love this chocolate!! The tastiest in the world!!! ❤" – @mariecrisb

Argentina, Uruguay

Country Availability

lindt 1.jpg

"I mean...chocolate...say no more right! The 70% is my fave because it's still quite creamy." – @hayleytomes

Australia, Argentina, Canada, Chile, France, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA

Country Availability


📸: @anavegar

"Ideal if you like dark and intense chocolate. I bought it at the faculty kiosk at a super accessible price." – @caronoel

Argentina, Peru

Country Availability


" If you need something sweet, chocolatey, and don't want to break the bank, this will do!" – @cris

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, UK, USA

Country Availability

orbs 2.jpg

📸: @aleecpt

"Absolutely love these! They are a healthy alternative to chocolate, made of chickpeas and the mint is their best flavor yet!!" 

– @carlicosta

South Africa, UK

Country Availability

kresho 1.jpg

#19 Kresho Bar by Kresho 🇦🇺

" I can’t believe I haven’t tried this earlier! It is soo good 🤤 just like a vegan Snickers bar. Please try!" 
– @mariatirador

Australia, Singapore, New Zealand

Country Availability

cerro azul.jpg

"I loved it, it resembles the Milka mouse (not vegan), with a touch of lemon flavor. I just love it." – @marian001


Country Availability

chocolate yogi.jpg

"Most delicious vegan chocolate every. 3 type to choose from Honeycomb, Mint, and Mylk chocolate.." – @darrenveganessen

South Africa

Country Availability


"Delicious! Perfect for lovers of sweets." – @ladyrubi


Country Availability


"These peanut butter cups are so good! Super indulgent and perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth." – @lissthevegan

Canada, USA

Country Availability

ritter 1.jpg

📸: @miriamy

" Just dark and lightly sweet. Great for bitter dark choc lover, but still want a lil sweetness in their chocolate. ❤️"  – @dahuq95

Argentina, China, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, UAE, UK, USA

Country Availability


"This is my favorite chocolate bar. The whole hazelnuts make it perfect!" – @alena1510

Austria, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK

Country Availability


"Fine, rich, exquisite wafer dipped in chocolate, you can get it at any kiosk" – @heycharliebrown


Country Availability


#9 Choco Cookie by iChoc 🇩🇪

📸: @dourayra

"One of my favorite vegan chocolates, with pieces of cookies. Can definitely recommend it😍" – @mari

Australia, Canada, Chile, China, EU, Israel, South Africa, New Zealand

Country Availability

nomo 2.jpg

📸: @vegneve

"I love this! ❤️ This is the perfect vegan chocolate I have ever had. Every vegan should try this, but actually the nonvegans should give this a try!" – @vegancybele

Belgium, Canada, Chile, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, UK

Country Availability


"This cocoa powder is vegan and absolutely delicious! Perfect for a winter afternoon cup." 

– @tofulover

India, Philippines, Singapore, Mexico, South Africa, USA

Country Availability


📸: @paloma

"This is a very rich, dark, and thick chocolate. The salt and almonds add so much to this chocolate, taking it to a whole new level of amazing!"  – @rachel0211

Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Canada

Country Availability

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