We’re thrilled to announce abillion’s 20 Best Vegan Yogurts for 2020! We analyzed more than 400,000 independent consumer reviews posted on the abillion app to find nearly 5,000 yogurt reviews that spanned across 1,000 yogurt products. These yogurts are the crème de la crème of yogurt land, quite literally.


"Easy, fresh, tasty, and healthy! Everything we need for a snack!😋" – @lxsa

Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland

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"Very tasty! A good and nutritious healthy alternative and it's not as expensive as other similar products." – @morenoaye


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📸: @kaylas

"The coconut flavor compliments the great raspberry flavor! It reminds me of an expensive smoothie!" – @iheartanimals

Ecuador, Mexico, USA

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"The superior yogurt, good choice if you wanna go for a healthier dip alternative." – @dive

Germany, Italy, Spain

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📸: @carortiz

"Delicious and vegan. Nothing better than a coconut yogurt!"

– @naranjade

Argentina, Chile, Malaysia

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"My daughter has been on a quest to find the best vegan vanilla yogurt while we travel in California. This is her favorite so far." – @s1224

Mexico, Singapore, USA

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📸: @karenyan

"Very good snack, with a lot of texture and is very flavorful."

– @ivettesos


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"One of the best vegan yogurts I've ever had. Not too sweet and with fruit pieces."

– @janaplantpowered

Argentina, Chile, Mexico, USA

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"My cheap thrills again 🤑🤑 sorry but money aside, this yogurt is really really good like no joke man 🙋‍♀️ i don't like the smell of some almond milks and jellys but wow I can't smell or taste any of that in this and it has a really good texture!! loved it so much 😋❤"

– @imgoodgirl

Columbia, Singapore, UAE, UK

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alpro choc2.jpg

"Absolutely amazing 😍 dark chocolate dessert. The best so far!" – @mazzo96

Argentina, Australia, Chile, EU, Israel, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, UAE, UK, Ukraine, USA

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"I'm pretty picky about which yogurts I like and this is definitely one of the better vanilla almond milk ones." – @kaylas

Chile, Panama, USA

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"A natural yogurt without additional sugars; it is splendid."

– @luciazurita


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📸: @carmenhb

“Another of my favorites 😍 this one is pretty good because it's not too sweet and you don't get that cloying feeling 🍫 ” – @anaiturrizar

Portugal, Spain

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“We love it! Great strawberry taste and thick yogurt texture. Subtle cashew taste undertone. Delicious!” – @mgurunathan

Canada, Singapore, USA

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📸: @jashment

"Perfect alternative to Greek yogurt. Tastes great."

– @vegasauras

New Zealand, Singapore

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"Such a creamy, flavorful yogurt! The strawberry is almost a sweet treat." – @sarat1220

Mexico, Singapore, Sint Maarten, USA

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"Hands down my favorite vegan yogurt. Also my favorite flavor of it. Super affordable."

– @veganonthesavannah

Argentina, Chile, Mexico, USA

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"A kind of yogurt made from coconut milk. I only tried this one but there are other flavors. I don't like coconut and I eat this dessert with enthusiasm!"

– @viajeracronica

Portugal, Spain

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“Vegan yogurt, 0% cholesterol. I tried the one with strawberries and the one with red fruits and I really liked both!!!" – @sofilois20


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📸: @veghui

"This yogurt was so good!! I thought I was drinking a shake, 10/10 would recommend! 😊"

– @bumblebea

Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, USA

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