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We stayed at home a lot last year. And judging by members’ reviews, we enjoyed a lot of vegan ice cream. Check out our list of the World’s 10 Best Vegan Ice Creams 2021. In addition to our global top 10, for the first time we are showcasing the Best 5 in regional markets: North America; South America; Europe, the Middle East and Africa; and Asia-Pacific. In the last year, our members submitted 9,000 reviews for 2,540 vegan ice cream products. Did your favorite come out on top?
1 Magnum.jpg

"Absolutely delicious, creamy and chocolaty. Definitely a must if you have the ice cream cravings. Yum!" – @elpasovegan

3 Ben _ Jerrys.jpg

"This has become my very favorite vegan ice cream on first taste! I love it. Great peanut butter flavor, the swirl is salty, and the brownies are gooey. Will buy again." – @sugarfiend

5 Ben _ Jerrys.jpg

"This is my favourite flavour from all the non-dairy options of Ben&Jerry's. You could taste the cakey texture of the fudge brownie with every bite! 😘 Yummy after-dinner dessert!" – @puipeegs

7 VClub.jpg

"Absolutely recommend this! So delicious...portion control will be your only issue." – @strangecacti

9 NotCo Dulce de Leche.jpg

"Delicious, one of the best ice creams I tried, I highly recommend it!" – @vcaro

2 NotCo Chocolate Chips.jpg

"Delicious ice cream, it has chocolate sauce and chips. I was really surprised by the taste, good creaminess. Love it!!" – @moarlust

4 Magnum Dairy Free Classic.jpg

"Looks & tastes exactly like the original Classic, just vegan! Delicious thick chocolate covering a rich creamy vanilla ice cream. Another product where you really can't taste the difference from the dairy version." – @janxr

6 Magnum Sea Salt Caramel.jpg

"Unbelievably rich and delicious. I'm not sure how they're so much better than literally anything else." – @artichokemafia

8 Fior di Natura.jpg

"The best vegan ice cream I’ve ever eaten! The taste is delicious and the packaging is in cartoon so it’s a really eco-friendly product." – @denisebrus

10 Valsoia.jpg

"Very good! Both the biscuit and the ice cream inside are good, and it's a huge portion! There are many chocolate chips and give an excellent crunchiness and taste." – @susannatortorelli


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Europe, Middle East & Africa

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